Showing off my #DisneySide

Recently I received an email stating that I was chosen to be a #DisneySide hostess. Well let me tell you that was the thrill of my day. Anxiously I stalked the message boards for word of shipping dates. And of course when the dates were released a freak cold hit the country. It seemed everyone was having delivery issues. Not me I thought. I live in good ole south Louisiana! HAHA! We were part of that storm. We had snaux! (snow) Not like what everyone else had but a shock to our system. Luckily my package was only delayed two days. And then…..IT ARRIVED! I was so EXCITED! What ever could I get????


I tore into the box….only restraining myself to take a picture of the outside. I peeked inside and Ooooooohhhh!



Well now I have to plan my party! Mardi Gras vacation seemed like the perfect time. It happens to be a week when a lot of people from the New Orleans area happen to travel to Disney anyway. So this was a perfect week for those of us that weren’t going this year. I invited some of my mommy friends and their kids and got to setting up.

WP_20140305_006 WP_20140305_005 WP_20140305_003 WP_20140305_002 WP_20140305_001

My youngest was so excited not only to have her friends over but to dig into the goodies.


The kiddos had a blast. It had rained the day before so we were stuck inside but the kids still had fun. I think the T-shirts were the HIT of the crowd.

WP_20140305_011 WP_20140305_012 WP_20140305_007 WP_20140305_009 WP_20140305_008

They even enjoyed a bit of coloring some Frozen coloring sheets I found online.


My daughter and her friends had fun showing their #DisneySide


**Disclosure** I received free products in order to host the Disney Side @ Home Celebrations. The opinions expressed here are my own.





Its not so easy…

I hear it often. Sometimes directly sometimes indirectly. Sometimes it hurts sometimes it just annoys me. Basically the majority of the public believe stay at home moms do nothing all day. I don’t understand it. Do people think that ours houses are cleaned by magic? Seriously. I can’t speak for every SAHM but  I am speaking for myself. I am not just sitting down on the couch playing candy crush all day. In fact most SAHMs I know have pretty clean houses (those without infants…babies are messy…lol.) and they make dinner every night. We have to make up our income in other ways. We coupon, cook from scratch, rarely eat out or shop for ourselves and some of us even have home businesses. I know I do a lot……I’m tired every night. I wish I could have 2 more of me. Here is a small peek into my life:

Everyday I do the following: (unless life happens then I do what I can.)

Bring girls to school, make the beds, straighten the kitchen, straighten the living room, defrost dinner, start a load of laundry, clean the girls bathroom, straighten their rooms, straighten my bed and bath, finish the laundry….wash dry fold and put away, start dinner, pick up the girls from school, feed everyone, chauffer them to their activities (Mon Dance Tue Wed and Fri karate) come home clean the kitchen, get everyone their baths, check homework, make sure everyone has their clothes and backpack for tomorrow, put the kids to bed, and collapse myself. I also have a chore of the day depending on the day.


T Catch up on laundry

W Check new grocery circulars, menu plan and grocery list

Th Trash

F Clean out the truck

Sat Check Sunday’s coupons and pull expired coupons

Sun Buy newspapers and clip coupons, check week’s events, make sure uniforms and after school activity outfits are clean.

Then I set goals for the week. Little things I want to do but if it doesn’t happen it won’t kill anything. For instance this week’s goals are:

Clean & Sweep front porch area

Deep clean stove

Scrub countertops

Clean and organize under the sink

Clean top of fridge

Sweep and mom kitchen

Update contacts and create emergency contact list.

I follow Flylady and she breaks the house into zones. For instance this week is the kitchen so all of my goals are focused in there.

I think I keep myself pretty busy. Yes I do take breaks where I will get on FB. BUT every working person does that. It can’t be nonstop all the time. But next time you find yourself thinking all SAHMs do is lie around watching TV please keep that opinion to yourself. This mom for one stays pretty busy.


Banishing Morning Mayhem WFMW

So….does this describe your mornings? You wake up late (forgot to set your alarm), kids are asking where their uniforms/shoes are, lunches aren’t packed and there goes the bus. After dropping the kids at school you drive through somewhere because you are hungry. You are running late so you drive a little fast only to spill coffee on your shirt. Any of this sound familiar? Want it to be a thing of the past?

Listen up….the secret to getting out of the house on time with less screaming and panicking is simple. Prepare the night before. That’s it. So simple. How you ask?

Prepare the night before. Have an evening routine. The more you do at night the less you have to do in the morning when your brain isn’t fully functioning. I start mine after dinner and it looks like this:

  • Clean kitchen (load DW, put away food, wipe counters)
  • Check homework progress/ sign all necessary paperwork
  • Bathe kids, jammies & teeth
  • Set out tomorrow’s clothes for everyone. This includes shoes and backpacks.
  • Check calendar (What is tomorrow’s activity?) Pack set out bags (dance, hip hop, karate)
  • Make sure backpacks are packed (lunches, money, library book, gym clothes)
  • Set dishwasher timer
  • Shower and set alarms & go to bed at a decent hour.

I do this every night….I just skip over school stuff on weekends and holidays. I make sure my kids have enough uniforms to last the entire week and I make sure ALL uniforms are washed and hung up on Sunday. I have it written out and have it in my home management binder. But you can put it on a couple of post it notes and place them where you need them.

I also get up before my kids. Sometimes my oldest gets up at the same time but she is 14 and dresses herself. I get up about an hour before my youngest so I can get everything done. I also have a morning routine written out. Why? Because my brain takes longer to wake up. So I have it posted where I can just go chore by chore.

I am a firm believer in the more you prepare the easier your morning. I know anytime I don’t feel well or something happens and my night time routine goes out of the window I pay for it dearly in the morning.

Do you have a night time routine? Any tips for getting out of you house on time in the mornings?

3/17/13 Coupon preview

Looks like there will be 2 inserts this week. One Smartsource and one Redplum. Here is what should be in the paper this week.


Allegra $2/1 Children’s (4/13)
Allegra $3/1 24HR 5 or 15ct, 12HR 12ct or D Allergy & Congestion (4/13)
Allegra $6/1 30ct+ (4/13)
Axe Free 5oz Chilled Face Wash with purchase of 4 full-size personal care items; bodysprays, deodorants, face washes, shower gels ets up to $5.99 (4/30) TARGET Coupon
Brawny $1/2 paper towels (4/16)
C&H $.40/1 24oz organic or 32oz washed raw sugar product (5/31)
C&H $.75/1 2lb+ sugar product (5/31)
C&H $.75/1 organic light or amber blue agave nectar (5/31)
C&H $1/1 light product (5/31)
Canyon Creek Ranch $5/1 5lb+ dry cat food (5/6)
Canyon Creek Ranch $5/1 5lb+ dry dog food (5/6)
Gain/Era $1/1 Gain detergent or fabric enhancer or Era detergent (4/30) ETS
Gain/Era $2/2 Gain detergent or fabric enhancer or Era detergent (4/30) ETS
Garnier $1/1 moisturizer (5/11) ETS
Gillette $1/1 male disposable (4/30) ETS
Gillette $5 off Mach3 razor when you buy Mach3 cartridge excludes disposables and travel (4/30)
Jimmy Dean $.55/1 product excluding rolls (4/21) DND
Jimmy Dean $.75/2 sausage rolls (4/21) DND
Land O’Frost $1/1 premium minis (4/17)
L’Oreal $.75/1 Studio Line styling product (5/11)
L’Oreal $1/1 Advanced Haircare shampoo or conditioner (5/11)
L’Oreal $1/1 Paris skincare products (5/11)
L’Oreal $2/1 Advanced Haircare treatment (5/11)
L’Oreal $2/1 Preference shade (5/11)
L’Oreal $3/1 Paris Youth Code Serum Intense, Day/Night Cream and SPF 30 Day Lotion (5/11)
L’Oreal $3/2 Paris skincare products (5/11)
Mars $1/2 Easter products dnd: M&M’s 2oz+, M&M’s Minis 2oz+, Minis Mix 10.5oz+, 3 Musketeers Minis, Twix Minis, Snickers Minis, Snickers Peanut Butter Squared Minis, Milky Way Minis, Snickers Bunny, Snickers Peanut Butter Bunny, Dove Eggs & Bunnies 4.5oz+, Snickers Eggs 6pk, Snickers Peanut Butter Eggs 6pk, Twix Eggs 6pk and Milky Way Simply Caramel Bunnies 6pk (3/31)
Purina $2/1 18.5lb or smaller Puppy Chow, Dog Chow, Active Senior 7+, Little Bites, Healthy Morsels or Fit & Trim (6/17)
Purina $2/12 Mighty dog cans or 1 12ct variety pack (5/16)
Purina $3/1 32lb+ Puppy Chow, Dog Chow, Active Senior 7+, Little Bites, Healthy Morsels or Fit & Trim (6/17)
Rimmel London $1/1 product (5/31)
Rimmel London $1/1 Scandaleyes Mascara (5/31)
Sprayway $.75/1 glass cleaner (7/31) DND
Sundown Naturals $1/1 product (4/16)
Wonderful Pistachios $.50/1 5oz+ package (5/17) DND


Alka-Seltzer $2/1 Plus Cold product (6/30)
Alka-Seltzer $2/1 Plus Sinus product (6/30)
Arm & Hammer $1/1 Spinbrush Kid’s or Tooth Tunes toothbursh (4/28)
Aveeno $1/1 product excluding cleansing bars, trial sizes and 2.5oz body lotion sizes (4/30)
Aveeno $3/2 products excluding cleansing bars, trial sizes and 2.5oz body lotion sizes (4/30)
BelVita $1/2 8.8oz breakfast biscuits (5/3)
Berkley Farms $.50/1 gallon or 2 half gallon milks (4/30)
Berkley Farms $.75/1 half & half or heavy whipping cream (4/30)
Bic $3/1 disposable razor (4/14) ETS
Campbell’s $.25/3 Great for Cooking soups (5/18)
Claussen $.55/1 pickles (5/12)
Coast $.50/1 3bar+ or body wash (4/30)
Cracker Barrel $1/1 6oz+ block, cracker cuts or snacking bars (5/15)
Del Monte $.50/4 14.5oz green beans (6/15) DND
Dentyne/Trident $1/2 9 piece+ singles, multipacks, pouches or bottles (4/28)
Dole $.50/2 canned fruits (5/31)
Don Miguel $1/1 mini tacos product (5/31)
Dreyer’s $1/1 6ct+ fruit bars or Outshine fruit bars (5/12)
Dreyer’s $2/3 6ct+ fruit bars or Outshine fruit bars (5/12)
Duncan Hines Free frosting creations flavor mix up to $1 (6/30)
Fisher $.55/1 10oz+ baking nut item (5/31)
French’s $.30/1 classic yellow mustard (5/15)
French’s $.40/1 spicy brown mustard or horseradish mustard (5/15)
French’s $.75/1 french fried onions (6/15)
Glade $1.50/2 Spring Collection products (4/27)
Hasbro $1/1 My Little Pony figure (SKU#21456 or A2360) (4/21)
Hasbro $1/1 Play-Doh case of colors 10pk (SKU#29413) (4/21)
Hasbro $2/1 Baby Alive Kicks & Cuddles Newborns doll (SKU#A1693) (4/21)
Hasbro $2/1 Beyblade Hyperblades (SKU#A2451) or Beyblade Beywheelz (SKU#37358) (4/21)
Hasbro $2/1 Kre-O Micro-Changers Combiners building set (Assortment#A2204) (4/21)
Hasbro $2/1 Marvel’s Iron Man 3 Assemblers Interchangeable Armor System (4/21)
Hasbro $2/1 Mr./Mrs. Potato Head (SKU#27656) (4/21)
Hasbro $2/1 Play-Do playsets: Frsoting Fun Bakery (SKU#A0318), Chomper The Excavator (SKU#A0319) or Rapunzel Hair Designs (SKU#A1056) (4/21)
Hasbro $2/1 Playskool Heroes Toys: Rescue Bots figure (SKU#33065), Marvel SuperHero Adventures basic vehicle (SKU#32977), Spider-Man basic vehicle (SKU#37926) (4/21)
Hasbro $2/1 Transformers Bot Shots Launchers (SKU#A2581) (4/21)
Hasbro $3 off $10 or more on Transformers Beast Hunters toy (4/21)
Hasbro $3/1 Bop It! game excludes USAopoly, Winning Moves, travel card and Electronic Arts game versions (4/21)
Hasbro $3/1 Candy Land, Chutes and Ladders, Cootie or Memory game excludes USAopoly, Winning Moves, travel card and Electronic Arts game versions (4/21)
Hasbro $3/1 Furreal Friends Snuggimals Walkin’ Ponies (SKU#A2011 or A4000) (4/21)
Hasbro $3/1 Operation or Battleship game excludes USAopoly, Winning Moves, travel card and Electronic Arts game versions (4/21)
Hasbro $3/1 Sesame Street Smartphone (SKU#A1557) or Sesame Street Super Groover Remote (SKU#36897) (4/21)
Hasbro $3/1 Twister game excludes USAopoly, Winning Moves, travel card and Electronic Arts game versions (4/21)
Hasbro $5/1 Baby Alive Yummy Treat Baby doll (SKU#A1694 or A1695) or Baby Alive Party Baby doll (SKU#A2772 or A2773) (4/21)
Hasbro $5/1 Care Bears classic plush figure (SKU#A1575) (4/21)
Hasbro $5/1 Draw Something game (SKU#A2980) excludes USAopoly, Winning Moves, travel card and Electronic Arts game versions (4/21)
Hasbro $5/1 Elefun, Hungry Hungry Hippos or Elefun Snackin’ Safari game excludes USAopoly, Winning Moves, travel card and Electronic Arts game versions (4/21)
Hasbro $5/1 Furby toy (SKU#A0002 or 39834) (4/21)
Hasbro $5/1 Kre-O Transformers Beast Blade Optimus Prime building set (SKU#A2203) (4/21)
Hasbro $5/1 My Little Pony Walkin’ Talkin’ Pinkie Pie (SKU#A1384) or My Little Pony Princess Candance (SKU#98969) (4/21)
Hasbro $5/1 Nerf N-Strike Elite Roughcut 2×4 Blaster (SKU#A1691) or Nerf Vortex Diatron Blaster (SKU#A1173) (4/21)
Hasbro $5/1 Sesame Street LOL Elmo toy (SKU#A1500) (4/21)
Hasbro $5/1 Words With Friends game (SKU#A2059 or A2060) game excludes USAopoly, Winning Moves, travel card and Electronic Arts game versions (4/21)
Hasbro B1G1 free Littlest Pet Shop 2pk (SKU#99960) or Littlest Pet Shop Fairies (SKU#38867) up to $5.99 (4/21)
Hershey’s $1/2 2oz+ Hershey’s, Reese’s or Cadbury centerpiece items (3/31)
Hershey’s $2/3 8oz+ Hershey’s Kisses, Reese’s, Hershey’s Miniatures, Hershey’s Eggs, Cadbury, Jolly Rancher or Whoppers bags (3/31)
Hormel $.55/1 Country Crock side dish (5/13)
Hormel $2/1 Cure 81 boneless ham (5/13)
Hungry Jack $.50/1 premium hashbrown potatoes (5/12)
Jennie-O $.75/1 12oz turkey bacon (4/30)
Jennie-O $.75/1 turkey breakfast sausage roll (4/30)
Johnsonville $.75/1 breakfast sausage (5/31)
Kaukauna $.75/1 product (6/30)
La Victoria $.55/1 28oz+ Enchilada sauce (5/5)
La Victoria $1/2 12oz+ salsa or taco sauce products (5/5)
Mariani $.50/1 3oz+ druied fruit snacks (5/31) DND
Maxwell House $1/1 product (4/13)
Mitchum $1/1 regular or for women product excludes trial and multipacks (4/21)
Ore-Ida $1/2 frozen potato products (4/30)
OXY $1/1 daily defense (5/12)
OXY $2/1 maximum action (5/12)
Pledge $.50/1 furniture product (4/28)
Rave $1/1 product (4/30)
Reese’s $1/2 8oz+ minis pouches -manufacturer coupon good only at CVS- (5/31)
Revlon $1/1 eye product (4/21)
Reynolds Wrap $.75/1 35sqft+ excluding Wrappers (5/31)
Saags $1/1 dinner sausage (5/17)
Saags $1/1 lunch meat (5/17)
Scott $.50/1 Naturals flushable cleansing cloths tub or refill (4/27)
Scott $.75/6+ towels rolls (4/27)
Scott $.75/8+ bath tissue rolls (4/27)
Scrubbing Bubbles $1/1 all purpose cleaner with fantastik (4/28)
Scrubbing Bubbles $2/2 bathroom cleaning products (4/28)
Scrubbing Bubbles $2/2 toilet cleaning products (4/28)
Shout $1/2 product (4/28) ETS
Tabasco $.60/1 flavor (4/28)
Viva $.25/1+ paper towel big rolls (4/28)
Viva $.50/1 On-the-Go Napkins carton (4/28)
Viviscal $5/1 extra strength tablets or Man (5/17)
Wholly Guacamole $1/1 product (4/30)
Windex $1/1 Touch-Up product (4/28)
Windex $1/2 glass products (4/28)
Windex $1/2 Multi-Surface cleaner products (4/28)
Ziploc $1/2 bags (4/27)
Ziploc $1/2 containers (4/27)
Ziploc $1/2 slider bags 4/27)


My baked Potato Soup

OMG is this stuff good. I have served it to numerous friends, relatives and strangers and everyone loves it. I hope you do too.

1 lb bacon

6-8 baking potatoes (peeled and diced)

1c diced onions

1/2c green onions

2c chicken stock

2 large cartons heavy cream

3/4c sour cream

1 stick butter

2c shredded cheese (you can use what you like but I use colby)

Salt and pepper to taste


Brown bacon and remove from pan and allow to cool. Try to resist eating bacon. Add white onions and dices potatoes to bacon grease. Cook till potatoes are softened. Now, make sure you are using a stock pot at this point…..or you can use your crock pot from here on. Add chicken stock, cream and about 1/2c of the sour cream. Just eyeball it….it doesn’t have to be perfect. Simmer till about 20 min before dinner. If using a crock pot place it on low and resist opening lid every few minutes to smell. About 20 min or so before dinner add remaining ingredients and stir to combine. I love this with a hunk of french bread. Try to make this only a few times a year as I will not be held responsible for your cholesterol….lol.

Let me know how it turns out.

Menu Plan 3/11-3/17

I should have posted this yesterday but the day kinda got away from me. It seems the Monday after we spring forward combined with a husband chile art project leaves this momma with a ton of cleaning on Monday. Anyway… is what we are eating at my house this week.  I only do dinner as my kids eat cereal or school breakfast and school lunch everyday and whoever is here usually eats leftovers or salad or sandwiches for lunch)

Monday….Monday is Chicken and sausage jambalaya with the yummy whole grain rolls I got from WalMart.

Tuesday is Beef and broccoli night. I got the recipe here and I modify it just a bit. First I double the sauce…..I like sauce. Second I add diced carrots and sliced mushrooms. I want more filling veggies……that and I hate broccoli but love love love carrots and mushrooms…..I serve that over steamed rice.

Wednesday….we actually have this as our only night off so its fried salmon patties with cheesy potatoes and spinach.

Thurdays….Beef stew with mushrooms, carrots and potatoes served over steamed rice.

Friday…Chilibeans and rice

Sat….my oldest has her softball banquet so that is where she and I will eat while the hubby and youngest will have leftovers.

Sun….we are headed to a crawfish boil so the only thing I will make this day is the dirt cake I promised for dessert. We will eat breakfast at home but lunch and dinner will be crawfish and all the fixins.

Whats for dinner at your house this week?

Coupon Preview for 3/10/13


It looks like there will be 2 coupons inserts in this week’s paper. There should be ONE Smartsource and ONE RedPlum. Below is a list of the coupons that should be included.

Alexia $.55/1 frozen item (4/20)

Better Than $1/1 dog treats (6/10)

Betty Crocker $1/1 decorating icing (5/31)

Claritin $3/1 15ct+ D (4/7)

Claritin $3/1 4oz or 20ct+ children’s (4/7)

Claritin $5/1 15ct+ D (3/17)

Clif Crunch $1/1 5 two-bar pouches box (5/3)

Colgate $.50/1 kids toothbrush (3/30)

Colgate $.50/1 kids toothpaste (3/30)

Colgate $1/1 4oz Total Advanced, Optic White or Sensitive Pro-Relief (3/30)

Colgate $1/1 8oz+ Optic White mouthwash

(3/30) Colgate $1/1 adult or kids manual toothbrush excluding Plus, Triple Action and Extra Clean (3/30)

Crystal Light Liquid $1/1 drink mix (4/30)

Daisy $.50/1 cottage cheese (6/1)

di-gel $1.50/1 antacid or antigas liquid (5/1)

di-gel $1/1 tablets (5/1)

Eclos $5/1 product (4/10)

Edge $1/1 5.1oz+ shave gel or shave cream (4/21)

Fiber Smart $2/1 product (6/30)

Franks $.75/1 Redhot sauce (5/15)

French’s $.50/1 honey mustard or honey mustard dipping sauce (6/10)

French’s $1/1 dijon or honey dijon mustard (6/10)

Fresh Express $.55/1 packaged salad (6/10)

Ghirardelli $.75/1 4.58oz+ Easter Spring Selection Bag (3/31)

Ghirardelli $1/2 3.5oz+ bars or bags (3/31)

Irish Spring $.50/1 6pk+ multi-bar pack (3/30)

Irish Spring $.50/1 body wash (3/30) ETS

Jolly Time $.50/1 microwave popcorn (4/30)

Ken’s $1/1 16oz dressing (4/30)

Kozy Shack $.50/1 chocolate pudding (5/31)

Kozy Shack $.50/1 pudding (5/31)

Lean Cuisine $1/1 Salad Additions (6/10)

L’Oreal $2/1 EverCurl product (5/4)

L’Oreal $2/1 EverCurl, EverCreme, EverSleek, EverPure or EverStrong treatment (5/4)

L’Oreal $2/1 EverStyle product (5/4)

Midnite $1/1 regular, PM or for Menopause (5/4)

Nature Made $1/1 full strength MINIs Super Omega 3 (4/10)

Nature Made $2/1 full strength MINIs product (4/10)

Nature Made $2/1 VitaMelts (4/10)

New York $.50/1 frozen bread product (5/31)

Nivea $1/1 12-16.9oz body wash, shower gel or lathering body scrub (3/24)

Nivea $2/1 2.5-13.5oz Q10 firming gel, serum or skin firming lotion (4/7)

Nivea $2/1 8.4-16.9oz body lotion (4/7)

Playtex $1/1 14ct+ Gentle Glide tampons or Sport tampons (4/21)

POISE $3/1 roll-on cooling gel, body cooling towelettes, personal lubricant, panty fresheners or feminine wash (4/20) ETS

Prevacid 24HR $2/1 product (4/20)

Prevacid 24HR $6/2 28 or 42ct products (4/20)

Rachael Ray $1.50/1 Nutrish Super Premium treats for dogs (6/10)

Rachael Ray $2/1 Nutrish Super Premium food for dogs (6/10)

Rachael Ray B2G1 free Nutrish Naturally Delish up to $2.19 (6/10)

Speed Stick B1G1 free regular or Lady antiperspirant/deodorant up to $2.99 (3/30) ETS

Stouffer’s $1.50/1 25-96oz family size, large family size or party size entree (5/31)

Stouffer’s $1/2 single-serve entrees up to 21oz (5/31)

Visine $2/1 .5floz+ excludes soothing wipes and trial (5/31)

Voots $2/1 supplements (5/5)

Did you know you can Print Smartsource Coupons, and it is completely Free? Click Here To Print SmartSource Coupons

All $2/2 liquid, powder or mighty pacs (4/21) ETS

Bridgford $.50/1 frozen rolls, bread dough or monkey bread (5/31)

Carnation $1/1 Breakfast Essentials product (5/31)

Clairol $1/1 color product or Herbal color (4/30) ETS

Country Crock $.35/1 spread excluding honey or cinnamon flavored (4/7)

Degree/Clear Buy 1 Degree Men product, get 1 Clear Men Scalp Therapy free up to $6.99 (3/24) ETS

DermaSilk $5/1 full size product (3/23)

Fancy Feast $1/18 3oz Elegant Medleys cans (6/10)

Fancy Feast $1/24 3oz cans (6/10)

Fancy Feast $1/6 3oz Mornings cans (6/10)

Fleischmann’s $.40/1 3-strip pizza crust yeast (8/30)

Fleischmann’s/Karo $.40/1 Karo 16 or 32oz syrup or Fleischmann’s .75 or 4oz yeast package (8/30)

Louisiana Fish Fry $.55/1 cobbler mix (6/30) DND

Louisiana Fish Fry $1/2 breadings dnd (6/30/13)

Milk-Bone $1/2 dog snacks (5/5)

NeilMed $5/1 NasaMist all-in-one saline spray or Sinugaror pulsation nasal wash (4/7)

Pringles $.50/1 snack stacks ets or Stix 70ct or 8pk (4/21)

Pringles $1/2 150g+ fat free/light cans (4/21)

Pringles $1/4 160g+ cans (4/21)

Pure Protein $1/1 4pk 3sg shakes, 1 or 2lb protein powder or value packs (4/27)

Pure Protein $1/2 bars (4/27)

Purina $3/1 Pro Plan dog food (6/3)

Purina B2G2 Pro Plan cans free up to $3.38 (6/3)

Simple Buy cleanser or moisturizer, get cleansing wipes free up to $6.99 (3/24) ETS

Snuggle $.50/1 fabric softener or dryer sheets (4/21)

Starburst/Life Savers $1/2 13 or 14oz Starburst or Life Savers Jellybeans bags (4/1) DND

Suave $.25/1 deodorant product (4/7) ETS

Suave $.50/1 body wash product (4/7) ETS

Suave $.75/1 deodorant product excludes 1.4oz and trial (4/7)

Suave $1/1 Professionals Moroccan Infusion styling oil (4/7) ETS

Suave Buy 1 Professionals Moroccan Infusion or Keratin Infusion, get 1 free up to $5 excludes styling oil and trial (3/24)

Suave Buy 2 Professionals hair products, get 1 18oz body lotion free up to $3 excludes Moroccan Infusion, Keratin Infusion, 28oz Men Ocean Charge, 28oz Professionals Humectant, 28oz Professionals 2 in 1 Plus and trial sizes (3/24)

Sudden Change $2/1 product (4/30)

Superpretzel $.50/1 soft pretzel product (4/12)

Vidal Sassoon $3/1 hair color product (4/30) ETS

Did you know you can Print Redplum Coupons right from this site, and it is completely Free? Click here to Print Redplum Coupons.


Coupon Preview 3/3/13 *UPDATED!




Well I am stumped. Last week the P&G was scheduled to come out but I couldn’t find a preview for it and it didn’t come out. So I am thinking it must come out this Sundat but I still can’t find a preview…..grrr. I hate when my groove gets thrown. So for this Sunday all I can find is the preview for 1 RedPlum. Here it is:

Sunday Coupon Preview Regional coupon inserts & value differences are to be expected!

(x) before coupon = multiple of same coupon

ETS = excludes trial sizes

DND= do not double

Abreva $.50/1 Conceal Invisible Cold Sore Patch (5/31)

Bertolli $.60/1 sauce (3/31)

Bob Evans $.35/1 frozen breakfast item (5/5)

Dial $.35/1 liquid or foaming hand soap or 3 bar pk+ (3/30)

Dial $1/1 12oz+ lotion (3/30)

Dial $1/1 6oz+ regular, for men or kids body wash (3/30)

Dole $1/2 frozen fruit packages (5/3)

El Monterey $1/1 product (6/3)

Ester-C $2/1 to go (4/17)

Ester-C $3/1 tablet (4/17)

Florida Crystals $.75/1 light or amber organic agave nectar (5/31)

Florida Crystals $1/1 natural or organic sugar product (5/31)

Garnier $2/1 moisturizer (5/25)

Garnier $3/1 Olia Oil powered haircolor (4/27)

Garnier Fructis $1/1 shampoo, conditioner or treatment (4/13) ETS

Garnier Fructis $1/1 style product (4/27) ETS

Garnier Nutrisse $2/1 Nourishing color foam (4/27)

Jimmy Dean $1.50/1 Delights sandwich or 2 Delights bowls (4/14)

Jose Ole $1/2 16oz+ snacks (5/11)

La Roche-Posay $5/1 (4/30

) Lean Cuisine $1/3 varieties (6/3)

L’Oreal $2/1 Paris cosmetic face product ex Magic Perfecting Base .17floz mini (4/27)

Mars $1/2 Snickers Eggs, Snickers Peanut Butter Eggs or Milky Way Simply Caramel Bunnies 6pks (3/31) DND

McCormick $.75/1 spice, herb, extract or food color (4/14)

Nature’s Bounty $1/1 vitamin or supplement (4/2)

Nature’s Bounty $2/1 Optimal Solutions vitamin or supplement (4/2)

On-Cor $1/2 family size entrees (5/31)

Osteo Bi-Flex $3/1 30-60ct (4/17)

Osteo Bi-Flex $5/1 70ct+ (4/17)

Purex $1/1 liquid detergent or UltraPacks detergent (3/31) ETS

Renuzit $.50/1 Tempting Indulgence adjustable air freshener (3/17)

Renuzit B1G1 free Fresh Accents air fresheners up to $3.99 (3/17) DND

Renuzit B2G1 free Adjustables air fresheners up to $4.17 (3/17) DND

Right Guard $2/1 Xtreme antiperspirant or deodorant (3/31)

Right Guard $2/2 Total Defense 5 antiperspirant or deodorant (3/31)

Right Guard $2/2 Xtreme or Total Defense 5 body wash or bar (3/31)

Rosina Meatballs $.75/1 20-64oz package (5/31) DND

Scott’s $1/1 Liquid Gold wood cleaner & preservative (5/31)

Selsun Blue $1/1 product (7/7) ETS

Senokot $2/1 regular or S tablets (9/30)

Soft Scrub $1/1 Advanced Surface (3/30)

Soft Scrub $1/1 product (3/30)

Success $.50/1 rice product (5/26)

Tropicana $1/1 46oz Farmstand bottle (4/28)

Unisom $1/1 product (6/29) (2 coupons)

Vichy $5/1 (4/30)

Zatarains $.50/1 frozen product (4/28)

Zyrtec $10/1 70ct+ product (3/10)

Zyrtec $5/1 24ct regular or D product (3/31)

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Here is the P&G

P&G Insert Coupons (Expire 3/31/13) Most Coupons will be ETS.

$1/2 Herbal Essences or Aussie products

$2/2 Olay Fresh Effects

$2/1 Olay Total Effects

$3/1 Olay regenerist

$2/1 Clairol or Herbal Essences hair color product

$1/1 Cover Girl product

$5/1 Venus razor AND one refill

$2/2 Olay bars, body wash

$1/1 Secret Clinical Buy 1 Venus refill pack get 1 satin care shave gel FREE

$3/3 Pantene products

$1.50/2 Pantene products

$0.50/1 Pantene products

$3/1 Cover Girl lash blast mascara

$2/1 Cover Girl blast eye shadow or liner

$.50/1 Crest toothpaste

$.50/1 Crest rinse

$1/1 Oral-b pulsar

$2.50/2 Tampax pearl or radiant

$2.50/2 Always infinity

$0.50/1 Tampax

$.50/1 Always pantiliner

$0.50/1 Always pad or feminine cleansing cloth

$3/1 Vidal Sassoon hair color Buy 1 Vidal Sassoon shampoo or conditioner get 1 styling aid FREE

$0.25/1 Bounty towels

$0.25/3 Puffs singles

$0.25/1 Charmin product

$0.25/1 Bounty napkins

$1/1 Febreeze fabric

$0.50/1 Febreeze air effects

$1/1 Febreeze candle

$1/1 Febreeze set and refresh Buy 1 Febreeze noticeables refill get 1 febreeze noticeables warmer FREE

$1/2 Febreeze candles

$1/1 Febreeze car

$3/3 Tide detergent

$1.50/2 Tide

$0.40/1 Tide

$2/1 Tide boost

Buy 1 Swiffer starter kit get 1 Swiffer refill FREE

Buy 1 Swiffer dust and shine get 1 dust and shine FREE

$0.50/1 Mr. clean liquid or spray

$1/2 Mr. clean magic erasers

$1/2 Gillette deodorants

$2/1 Gillette fusion shave prep

$2/2 Old spice wild collection

$1/1 Braun clean and renew refills

$0.50/1 Gillette body wash

Buy 1 Gillette cartridge (4 ct or larger) get 1 Gillette shave prep FREE

$3/1 Old spice fragrance

$15 mail in rebate on one oral b professional series toothbrush

$3/1 Oral b replacement heads 2 ct or larger

$0.50/1 Oral b stages kid toothbrush

$0.50/1 Oral b stages toothpaste

$10 Mail in rebate crest 3d white

$1/1 Fixodent adhesive

$0.50/1 Duracell

$1/1 Duracell rechargeable

$2/1 Gillette male disposable

$2/1 Gillette female disposable

$1/1 Prilosec OTC product

$0.50/1 Cascade action packs

$1/1 Vicks product

$2/1 Sinex product

$1/1 Zzzquil product

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WFM Wednesday

Cakes…..everyone loves them but no two are alike……or is that just snow flakes? Anyway, I love making cakes and cupcakes for my family but I am still a box cake mix mom. However I modify it some. I firmly believe that my modifications make the box mix taste better. Well, that and homemade frosting.

Here’s what I do:

First instead of water I use evaporated milk. Same amount. I believe this adds a richness to the cake. And bonus….more calcium!

Second, instead of vegetable oil I use butter. Real butter. Scratch recipes call for butter. BUT instead of 1/2 cup I use a whole cup. (2 sticks)

I keep the eggs the same but I also add 1T white sugar. This adds moisture to the cake.

My cakes always come out rich and moist.

Are you willing to try this on your next box mix?

Coupon Preview 2/24/13

We should have 2 inserts tomorrow. A P&G and a Smartsource. However I can only find the preview for the Smartsource. If the P&G becomes available I will post that as well. Below is the Smartsource preview. As always I recommend grabbing a few papers when the P&G is in it. Happy couponing!

Smartsource Coupon Insert

Aveeno $1/1 product excludes cleansing bars, trial sizes and 2.5oz body lotions (3/31)

Aveeno $2/2 products excludes cleansing bars, trial sizes and 2.5oz body lotions (3/31)

Band-Aid $.50/1 with Quiltvent product (4/6) ETS

Better Oats $.75/2 excluding Mom’s Best varieties (4/30) DND

Betty Crocker $.50/2 Fruit Shapes, Fruit by the Foot, Fruit Gushers or Fruit Roll Ups or Ocean Spray, Mott’s or Sunkist fruit flavored snacks (4/20)

Brookside $1/1 7oz+ smooth dark chocolate covered real fruit juice pieces (4/20)

Colgate $.50/1 4oz+ toothpaste (3/16)

Colgate $.50/1 adult or kids manual toothbrush excluding Plus, Triple Action and Extra Clean (3/16)

Cuties $.50/1 2, 3 or 5 lb product (3/24) DND

Dannon $.75/1 4pk Crunchers (4/13)

Fiber One $.50/2 Chewy Bars, 90 Calorie Chewy Bars, 90 Calorie Brownies or Protein Chewy Bars (4/20)

General Mills $1/3 Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Cocoa Puffs, Lucky Charms, Trix, Reese’s Puffs, Cookie Crisp, Golden Grahams, Kix, Frosted Toast Crunch, Peanut Butter Toast Crunch or Dora the Explorer cereal (4/6)

Glade $1/2 4oz jar candles (4/6)

Glucerna $3/2 products (4/21)

Goodnites $2/1 bed mats jumbo pack+ (3/13)

Hershey’s $1/3 4.8oz+ Cadbury or Reese’s eggs multipacks

(3/16) Hershey’s $2/3 8oz+ Hershey’s Kisses, Reese’s, Hershey’s Miniatures, Hershey’s Eggs, Cadbury, Jolly Rancher or Whoppers bags (3/16)

Honey Maid $1/1 7.04oz Grahamfuls (4/6) DND

Huggies $.50/1 56ct+ wipes (3/23)

Huggies $1.50/1 diapers (3/23)

Huggies $2/1 Little Movers Slip-On diapers (3/23)

ICaps $3/1 eye vitamin and mineral product (4/30)

Listerine $1/1 1L+ mouthwash excluding whitening (3/31)

Lunchables $1/1 lunch combinations with smoothie (4/14)

Mountain High $.50/1 32oz yoghurt (4/20)

Nature Valley $.50/2 5ct+ Granola Bars or Granola Thins (4/20)

Neosporin $1/1 first aid or lip health product (4/6) ETS

Neosporin $2/1 Essentials product (4/6) ETS

Neutrogena $1/1 hair, hand, body or men’s product (4/27)

Neutrogena $5/2 hair, hand, body or men’s products (4/27)

Oreo $1/2 11.3oz+ packages (3/24)

People Magazine $1/1 issue (3/24)

Pillsbury $.30/2 Refrigerated Grands! Biscuits (5/18)

Pull-Ups $.50/1 flushable moist wipes (3/23) ETS

Pull-Ups $1.75/1 training pants jumbo pack+ (3/23)

Purell $.55/1 8oz+ Advanced hand santizer (4/21)

Purell $1/3 products (4/21)

Purina $1/1 Be Happy cat food (5/24)

Purina $1/1 Be Happy dog food (5/24)

Purina B1G1 free 6oz Beggin up to $3.75 (3/24)

Schick $.75/1 Hydro shave gel (4/7)

Schick $2/1 Hydro Power Select or Hydro 5 razor (4/7)

Schick $2/1 Hydro refill (4/7)

Schick $4/1 Hydro 5 disposable (4/7)

Schick $4/1 Hydro Silk disposables pack (4/7)

Schick $4/1 Hydro Silk razor or refill (4/7)

Schick $4/1 Hydro Silk refill (4/7)

Seattle’s Best Coffee $1.50/1 12 or 20oz bag (4/24)

Skintimate $.55/1 shave gel or shave creme excludes 2.75oz cans (4/7)

Systane $1.50/1 product (4/30)

Velveeta $1/1 Cheesy Skillets or Casseroles Dinner Kit (3/24)

Wonderful $.50/1 6.3oz+ Almonds (4/24)

Yoplait $.40/6 cups (4/20)

Yoplait $.50/2 Greek cups (4/20)

Yoplait $.50/8 cups (4/20)

Zegerid OTC $2/1 (4/14)

Zegerid OTC $6/1 42ct+ (4/14)

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