Works For Me Wednesday

Are you struggling to fit things in your freezer? I know that a well stocked freezer not only saves money on electricity by running more efficiently but also saves you money by allowing you to have enough items to always be able to whip something up for dinner. One tip I have is for storing ground meat. I buy the huge 5.5lb packages from the grocery but when I get home I break it down. I portion it out into Ziploc bags. Then I close them up & smooth them flat. Then I let out the remaining air & stack them for easy storage. This is also how I store soups & sauces. I fill the bag then lay them flat to freeze. It defiantly adds to my storage area. And the packages thaw quicker as there is more surface space for the cool water to cover. I hope this tip helps you. Let me know if you have any freezer tips.

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