WFM Wednesdays 8/15/12


Prepare for tomorrow today! Such a simple thing really, but most people don’t do it but it saves so much time and your sanity in the mornings. I make sure that everyone’s clothes are laid out. That prevents last minute “I am out of clean socks!” drama. My children have to get out EVERYTHING. Shoes, IDs,  earrings, etc. Also bags must be packed. All paperwork must be signed and money put away. Also if someone needs a lunch we do as much as possible. We get the bag, ice the drink, pack what we can and make sure we have the stuff we need.

We also look over tomorrow’s schedule. I make notes of oddities such as someone else picking them up or whatever. I also get together the bag (dance, karate or cheer) that we will need. I like to make sure that I am well prepared.

I find doing all of these things make my morning a lot smoother. And I yell less and the kids are happier and they know what to expect. children thrive on routines.

Tell me… you prepare the night before or do you run around scrambling in the mornings?

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