Settling In

Well I am finally settling in. Made some headway in the garage. Still trying to figure out where everything should go. Of course our plan is to move in the next year or so, so sometimes I feel like it’s a moot point. But I am still working on it. I have started back on my daily chore sheet and Flylady zones so hopefully in the next month even more headway can be made. I am hopeful this week to get back to going to the gym, regular cleaning and unpacking and cooking. I need to work on my menu plan and shopping. Right now we just have the one fridge and the freezer is very tiny so I am shopping week to week. Once the garage gets fully cleaned out and set up I can plug-in my deep freezer and spare fridge. THAT I am looking forward to.

Of course it’s not all sun and flying unicorns. On Saturday I got up early and decided to cook breakfast. I turned on the stove and it made a loud popping noise and a flame shot out. Not exactly what I wanted. So now this week we get to switch out a stove. Luckily I have a great father who will do it rather than waiting 2 weeks for the hubs to get home. Never a dull moment in my home.

So, do you have a new house adventure when you moved into your home?

WFM Wednesday- Timers

Today’s WFM Wednesday post is all about TIMERS!

I love love love my timers. I use them for everything. They’re not just for cooking. I use them a lot with my kids. They really help keep the yelling and frustration levels down in my home.

Take for instance, showers. My oldest believe that a daily 45 min shower is a MUST. Her father and I however do not share her views. Neither does the electric company…lol. So instead of yelling I set a timer for 15 minutes. She must get undressed and showered in that amount of time. Granted I would prefer 10 minutes but she has super thick long hair and it does take a while. Fifteen minutes is way better than 45.

I also turn them on in the mornings to let my kids know how long until we have to walk out the door. Again this helps with the yelling. It beeps a 5 minute warning so they know at that time to really hustle.

One last way is cleaning. Sometimes they just get overwhelmed with cleaning. I give them a list of things and I set a timer. That lets them know they won’t be cleaning all day long. No one like all day cleaning. A week night cleaning may take 5 min and is mainly just picking up dirty clothes and trash. A weekend cleaning is more like 15 or 20 min and is more detailed.

These are just a few of the ways that I find a timer helps me. Do you use a timer? If you do how do use it?


If you’ve been wondering where I haveĀ been its complicated. First we moved. AGAIN! But this time not into a rental but rather into our new home. Then we had to get internet. And that was a job all in itself. It took THREE weeks to get it done. There was so much miscommunication. FINALLY I went in there and explained I wanted to speak to the owner’s wife. That got results. Had them out here the same day. But they couldn’t get into the neighbor’s yard due to their dog. Are you FREAKIN kidding me? So got them out the next day (yesterday) and got it all taken care of. I now have internet AND cable. And due to all of the mistakes I know have a year of all movie channels for FREE. Sweet!

So now I am back. And looking to get back into regular postings. I am working on a WFM Wednesday post and of course coupon previews. I also hope to work on posts on decorating and organizing my new home. Anything else you would like to see? Drop me a line.

Untill then…..take care!