WFM Wednesday- Timers

Today’s WFM Wednesday post is all about TIMERS!

I love love love my timers. I use them for everything. They’re not just for cooking. I use them a lot with my kids. They really help keep the yelling and frustration levels down in my home.

Take for instance, showers. My oldest believe that a daily 45 min shower is a MUST. Her father and I however do not share her views. Neither does the electric company…lol. So instead of yelling I set a timer for 15 minutes. She must get undressed and showered in that amount of time. Granted I would prefer 10 minutes but she has super thick long hair and it does take a while. Fifteen minutes is way better than 45.

I also turn them on in the mornings to let my kids know how long until we have to walk out the door. Again this helps with the yelling. It beeps a 5 minute warning so they know at that time to really hustle.

One last way is cleaning. Sometimes they just get overwhelmed with cleaning. I give them a list of things and I set a timer. That lets them know they won’t be cleaning all day long. No one like all day cleaning. A week night cleaning may take 5 min and is mainly just picking up dirty clothes and trash. A weekend cleaning is more like 15 or 20 min and is more detailed.

These are just a few of the ways that I find a timer helps me. Do you use a timer? If you do how do use it?

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