WFM Wednesday

Cakes…..everyone loves them but no two are alike……or is that just snow flakes? Anyway, I love making cakes and cupcakes for my family but I am still a box cake mix mom. However I modify it some. I firmly believe that my modifications make the box mix taste better. Well, that and homemade frosting.

Here’s what I do:

First instead of water I use evaporated milk. Same amount. I believe this adds a richness to the cake. And bonus….more calcium!

Second, instead of vegetable oil I use butter. Real butter. Scratch recipes call for butter. BUT instead of 1/2 cup I use a whole cup. (2 sticks)

I keep the eggs the same but I also add 1T white sugar. This adds moisture to the cake.

My cakes always come out rich and moist.

Are you willing to try this on your next box mix?


Coupon Preview 2/24/13

We should have 2 inserts tomorrow. A P&G and a Smartsource. However I can only find the preview for the Smartsource. If the P&G becomes available I will post that as well. Below is the Smartsource preview. As always I recommend grabbing a few papers when the P&G is in it. Happy couponing!

Smartsource Coupon Insert

Aveeno $1/1 product excludes cleansing bars, trial sizes and 2.5oz body lotions (3/31)

Aveeno $2/2 products excludes cleansing bars, trial sizes and 2.5oz body lotions (3/31)

Band-Aid $.50/1 with Quiltvent product (4/6) ETS

Better Oats $.75/2 excluding Mom’s Best varieties (4/30) DND

Betty Crocker $.50/2 Fruit Shapes, Fruit by the Foot, Fruit Gushers or Fruit Roll Ups or Ocean Spray, Mott’s or Sunkist fruit flavored snacks (4/20)

Brookside $1/1 7oz+ smooth dark chocolate covered real fruit juice pieces (4/20)

Colgate $.50/1 4oz+ toothpaste (3/16)

Colgate $.50/1 adult or kids manual toothbrush excluding Plus, Triple Action and Extra Clean (3/16)

Cuties $.50/1 2, 3 or 5 lb product (3/24) DND

Dannon $.75/1 4pk Crunchers (4/13)

Fiber One $.50/2 Chewy Bars, 90 Calorie Chewy Bars, 90 Calorie Brownies or Protein Chewy Bars (4/20)

General Mills $1/3 Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Cocoa Puffs, Lucky Charms, Trix, Reese’s Puffs, Cookie Crisp, Golden Grahams, Kix, Frosted Toast Crunch, Peanut Butter Toast Crunch or Dora the Explorer cereal (4/6)

Glade $1/2 4oz jar candles (4/6)

Glucerna $3/2 products (4/21)

Goodnites $2/1 bed mats jumbo pack+ (3/13)

Hershey’s $1/3 4.8oz+ Cadbury or Reese’s eggs multipacks

(3/16) Hershey’s $2/3 8oz+ Hershey’s Kisses, Reese’s, Hershey’s Miniatures, Hershey’s Eggs, Cadbury, Jolly Rancher or Whoppers bags (3/16)

Honey Maid $1/1 7.04oz Grahamfuls (4/6) DND

Huggies $.50/1 56ct+ wipes (3/23)

Huggies $1.50/1 diapers (3/23)

Huggies $2/1 Little Movers Slip-On diapers (3/23)

ICaps $3/1 eye vitamin and mineral product (4/30)

Listerine $1/1 1L+ mouthwash excluding whitening (3/31)

Lunchables $1/1 lunch combinations with smoothie (4/14)

Mountain High $.50/1 32oz yoghurt (4/20)

Nature Valley $.50/2 5ct+ Granola Bars or Granola Thins (4/20)

Neosporin $1/1 first aid or lip health product (4/6) ETS

Neosporin $2/1 Essentials product (4/6) ETS

Neutrogena $1/1 hair, hand, body or men’s product (4/27)

Neutrogena $5/2 hair, hand, body or men’s products (4/27)

Oreo $1/2 11.3oz+ packages (3/24)

People Magazine $1/1 issue (3/24)

Pillsbury $.30/2 Refrigerated Grands! Biscuits (5/18)

Pull-Ups $.50/1 flushable moist wipes (3/23) ETS

Pull-Ups $1.75/1 training pants jumbo pack+ (3/23)

Purell $.55/1 8oz+ Advanced hand santizer (4/21)

Purell $1/3 products (4/21)

Purina $1/1 Be Happy cat food (5/24)

Purina $1/1 Be Happy dog food (5/24)

Purina B1G1 free 6oz Beggin up to $3.75 (3/24)

Schick $.75/1 Hydro shave gel (4/7)

Schick $2/1 Hydro Power Select or Hydro 5 razor (4/7)

Schick $2/1 Hydro refill (4/7)

Schick $4/1 Hydro 5 disposable (4/7)

Schick $4/1 Hydro Silk disposables pack (4/7)

Schick $4/1 Hydro Silk razor or refill (4/7)

Schick $4/1 Hydro Silk refill (4/7)

Seattle’s Best Coffee $1.50/1 12 or 20oz bag (4/24)

Skintimate $.55/1 shave gel or shave creme excludes 2.75oz cans (4/7)

Systane $1.50/1 product (4/30)

Velveeta $1/1 Cheesy Skillets or Casseroles Dinner Kit (3/24)

Wonderful $.50/1 6.3oz+ Almonds (4/24)

Yoplait $.40/6 cups (4/20)

Yoplait $.50/2 Greek cups (4/20)

Yoplait $.50/8 cups (4/20)

Zegerid OTC $2/1 (4/14)

Zegerid OTC $6/1 42ct+ (4/14)

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