Monday Monday

   So its a new week. And what did I accomplish last week? Not much of anything really. I got some stuff done but not really. Ever feel like a hamster in a wheel? I think that’s what all stay at home moms feel like in the summer. Every day we just spin our wheels.

   I got my husband to work on Wednesday. And now we’ve discovered that he is probably going to be gone 3 months. Yep. Fun. It is what it is. Then Sunday was our 12th anniversary. We’ve only spent, I believe, 4 together. I remind myself that marriage is not about the one day but all the others in between. We can celebrate being married any day. (But part of me still wanted him here)

   I don’t really have to much planned for the week. Play date for the youngest, Zumba, pool and oh yeah….more cleaning and going through boxes getting ready for our next move.

   What are your plans for this week? How are you surviving summer so far? Do you too feel like a hamster in a wheel or is that just me?

Travel Adventures

Well last night I had to go pick my husband up from work. This time was a little different as I did not have to go to the airport. His vessel is docked about an hour & a half from our home so I had to drive over there and pick him up. At 7 at night. Needless to say the docks are not the safest place to be at night alone as a woman. So my dad volunteered to go with me. Thank God.

I had an address so we popped it into the GPS & took off. We get there & its deserted. To get there we drove through what I like to call ghettoville. I am not exaggerating. Most houses had boards instead of glass where there windows would be. And there were lots of people gathered on street corners. We get to the dock & its crackville. There is no guard in what is left of the guard shack. The 2 buildings we parked between had been abandon for years. After much trial & error we finally found him. So we get in the truck & get about 3 miles down the road when he realizes he has forgotten his wallet. (*sigh) So we turn around & head back to crackville. This time my husband take my father & I on a tour of the boat & to meet some of his coworkers.
They were all really nice.

So we finally make it home safe & sound. Now….what am I going to do next month if I have to go back?