Grammar Police

Today I was blessed to have lunch with a great new friend. New as in someone I’ve met in the last 5 years because most of my friends I’ve known longer. Now, while at lunch she & I did as many mommy’s will do when we manage to have an adult meal with no children, we talked about EVERYTHING. I loved it.

One of the many subjects we touched on is how we both believe Americans are becoming stupider. Now, before you write a bunch of I hate you comments hear me out. I may not be talking about you. And if I am….well….think of this as an intervention.

We both believe that society as a whole has been dumbed down especially when it comes to grammar, spelling & basically all of ELA. Most people do not know when to use to, too or two when writing. Further & farther seem to perplex most too. Their, there, & they’re…..well don’t even get me started.  She & I have come to the conclusion that Facebook, Twitter & texting do not help this problem. I mentioned to her that it is my husband’s practice to type out a Facebook response or post first on Word then use spell & grammar check to correct his mistakes. He then copies & pastes it onto Facebook. Brilliant! She agreed more people need to adopt this idea.

Now I believe this problem is fixable. We  need to take the time to read more. That would give you the opportunity to read how the English language is supposed to be written & spoken. Then just take your time. Instead of writing wit type with. Really….the h will not kill you. Try in or and instead of n. And please….quit the slang. I hate seeing sista and memba instead of sister and remember.

So….lets try to read more, slow down & spell correctly. And when all else fails type it on Word first.

Ok….rant over…..I hope I don’t loose any readers over this. Comment if you like but please keep it clean. Thanks.


My husband & I have been married almost 10 years. That is a lot by today’s standards. We have been together 12 years & have 2 girls ages 11 & almost 3. Here’s the deal….I have NO privacy.

My husband works offshore so he is only home half of the year so he isn’t so bad. Its the little ones. Every time I go to the bathroom somebody walks in. I have to wait till the oldest is in school & its the little ones nap time before I can go potty alone. I also love the announcement from my youngest that it stinks. She comes in & says “Mommy stinky.” When I tell her to get out her reply “No I sit here” & she perches on the step leading up to the tub. *Sigh* But when its her turn she tells me to get out. Which by the way I do.

The oldest too does not understand the concept of a closed door. And she want to have a conversation between the closed door. Oh for Pete’s sake leave me alone. And I don’t even want to talk about showers. I usually wait till 10:30 or 11pm to shower when the husband is gone so I can shower in peace.

And don’t expect me to answer my cell in there either. That’s my time. Leave a message & I’ll get back to you. Nothing is that important. It bothers me when people get annoyed that I don;t answer it. Hello people….can’t a girl do her thing in peace????