Its not so easy…

I hear it often. Sometimes directly sometimes indirectly. Sometimes it hurts sometimes it just annoys me. Basically the majority of the public believe stay at home moms do nothing all day. I don’t understand it. Do people think that ours houses are cleaned by magic? Seriously. I can’t speak for every SAHM but  I am speaking for myself. I am not just sitting down on the couch playing candy crush all day. In fact most SAHMs I know have pretty clean houses (those without infants…babies are messy…lol.) and they make dinner every night. We have to make up our income in other ways. We coupon, cook from scratch, rarely eat out or shop for ourselves and some of us even have home businesses. I know I do a lot……I’m tired every night. I wish I could have 2 more of me. Here is a small peek into my life:

Everyday I do the following: (unless life happens then I do what I can.)

Bring girls to school, make the beds, straighten the kitchen, straighten the living room, defrost dinner, start a load of laundry, clean the girls bathroom, straighten their rooms, straighten my bed and bath, finish the laundry….wash dry fold and put away, start dinner, pick up the girls from school, feed everyone, chauffer them to their activities (Mon Dance Tue Wed and Fri karate) come home clean the kitchen, get everyone their baths, check homework, make sure everyone has their clothes and backpack for tomorrow, put the kids to bed, and collapse myself. I also have a chore of the day depending on the day.


T Catch up on laundry

W Check new grocery circulars, menu plan and grocery list

Th Trash

F Clean out the truck

Sat Check Sunday’s coupons and pull expired coupons

Sun Buy newspapers and clip coupons, check week’s events, make sure uniforms and after school activity outfits are clean.

Then I set goals for the week. Little things I want to do but if it doesn’t happen it won’t kill anything. For instance this week’s goals are:

Clean & Sweep front porch area

Deep clean stove

Scrub countertops

Clean and organize under the sink

Clean top of fridge

Sweep and mom kitchen

Update contacts and create emergency contact list.

I follow Flylady and she breaks the house into zones. For instance this week is the kitchen so all of my goals are focused in there.

I think I keep myself pretty busy. Yes I do take breaks where I will get on FB. BUT every working person does that. It can’t be nonstop all the time. But next time you find yourself thinking all SAHMs do is lie around watching TV please keep that opinion to yourself. This mom for one stays pretty busy.



Banishing Morning Mayhem WFMW

So….does this describe your mornings? You wake up late (forgot to set your alarm), kids are asking where their uniforms/shoes are, lunches aren’t packed and there goes the bus. After dropping the kids at school you drive through somewhere because you are hungry. You are running late so you drive a little fast only to spill coffee on your shirt. Any of this sound familiar? Want it to be a thing of the past?

Listen up….the secret to getting out of the house on time with less screaming and panicking is simple. Prepare the night before. That’s it. So simple. How you ask?

Prepare the night before. Have an evening routine. The more you do at night the less you have to do in the morning when your brain isn’t fully functioning. I start mine after dinner and it looks like this:

  • Clean kitchen (load DW, put away food, wipe counters)
  • Check homework progress/ sign all necessary paperwork
  • Bathe kids, jammies & teeth
  • Set out tomorrow’s clothes for everyone. This includes shoes and backpacks.
  • Check calendar (What is tomorrow’s activity?) Pack set out bags (dance, hip hop, karate)
  • Make sure backpacks are packed (lunches, money, library book, gym clothes)
  • Set dishwasher timer
  • Shower and set alarms & go to bed at a decent hour.

I do this every night….I just skip over school stuff on weekends and holidays. I make sure my kids have enough uniforms to last the entire week and I make sure ALL uniforms are washed and hung up on Sunday. I have it written out and have it in my home management binder. But you can put it on a couple of post it notes and place them where you need them.

I also get up before my kids. Sometimes my oldest gets up at the same time but she is 14 and dresses herself. I get up about an hour before my youngest so I can get everything done. I also have a morning routine written out. Why? Because my brain takes longer to wake up. So I have it posted where I can just go chore by chore.

I am a firm believer in the more you prepare the easier your morning. I know anytime I don’t feel well or something happens and my night time routine goes out of the window I pay for it dearly in the morning.

Do you have a night time routine? Any tips for getting out of you house on time in the mornings?